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Xaquixe: a time for transparency

Re·cy·cle /ri·sai·kel/ verb, -cled, -cling, noun.
Return (material) to a previous stage in a cyclic process.

Fusing the purity of glass with an aesthetic sense.
Constructing a sustainable project that responds in artistic form
transmuted from utilitarian to sculptural.

Studio Xaquixe Catalogue aviso award

The euroaxacan Initiative of
Transformative Cultures:

Xaquixe is a calling to a disciplined process

manifested through creative action with fire and glass.
In the Zapotec language the word xaquixe has a myriad of interpretations
depending on its pronunciation or the context of its expression.
We draw from the definition “at the base of the mountain.”
It is a moment of clarity and intention.
Standing at the outset of an endeavor
lungs expanding to propel your labor forward
imagination and physical exertion merge.

Crossing Xaquixe’s threshold, you enter a laboratory for exploration

A choreographed dance with fire, oven and pipe
Each movement and breath is a new construction
A sphere of air transformed into glass, pitcher, bottle, plate
Sculpture defined by the restrictions and fluidity of glass
formed through strict technique and subtle creativity
Shapes in three dimensions of the highest aesthetic quality
produced with social consciousness.
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